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“Exegesis” can be defined as the discipline by which one studies a passage of the Bible in order to draw out and discover the original author’s intended meaning. In the process, the exegete will take into consideration the passage’s grammar and vocabulary in its original language, any known background from its historical context or what we know about the author, the passage just before and just after as well as how it fits into the argument of the book as a whole, its place in redemptive history, and so forth.

This practice is the opposite of “eisegesis” which involves reading our ideas “into” a passage rather than drawing it “out of” the text. The student must lay aside any unbiblical presuppositions and even his or her own feelings in order to let the text speak for itself.

Exegesis differs also from “proof texting,” where one makes a claim and then cites a list of verses that talk about it. Although proof texting is not bad in and of itself, a passage can be tacked onto the end of a paragraph in parenthesis and yet not actually prove the author’s point. The discipline of exegesis removes this danger by seeking the main point of each passage. Further, rather than labeling each text by the doctrine they support, we will know them by their originally intended meaning. For example, instead of considering Hebrews 2:1-4 a passage in favor of cessationism, we will see it as a passage that calls us to heed God’s Word.

In this portion of our blog we will study various passages of the Bible and discover their meaning based on their context. We may at times go line by line through a book while at other times diving into one key passage. We may at times study a passage in commentary form while at other times addressing a passage commonly taken out of context and offer a more sound explanation of it. Having dug up the meaning of each individual passage, we will discuss ways to apply it to our lives.


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The First Epistle of Paul to Timothy

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