Comment Rules

We, the administrators of this blog, love to hear your questions and comments concerning any and all posts published herein. We humbly admit that sometimes we are not clear enough in our writing. Therefore, we invite all questions so that we may better get our point across to you. Also, we feel that disagreement is healthy among believers, and that, without first hearing something one does not already believe, one cannot learn. We also love debate. In fact, among the administrators our friendships are built upon debating various theological differences.

Thus, we readily invite your comments and insight, hoping that your iron can sharpen our iron as well. However, to assure that everything is done decently and in order, we have established the following regulations for your comments on this blog:

  1.  We do not want two people talking towards each other, but rather with one another. In a dialogue, both people speak and respond to what the other says. Therefore, before presenting your next point, please address the other person’s previous point.
  2. Be sure that your questions/comments are on topic. For example, please avoid rabbit trails concerning preterism if the post has nothing to do with eschatology.
  3. Please do not advertise your own blog, unless recommending a post that is actually applicable.
  4. Please do not label any person within the discussion as a “heretic” unless they are denying Christ’s deity, salvation by grace through faith or something like that.
  5.  Please uphold Christian charity in your comments. For example, do not say, “Anybody who believes that is an idiot!” If you have all knowledge and insight into all mysteries, but have not charity, it profits you nothing. Any rude comments or name calling will instantly be rejected and deleted.
  6. Please limit yourself to two questions at a time. All of the administrators of this website are doing school and/or full time work. Although we do wish to help you understand the Bible more clearly, please do not overload us.
  7. Please be patient with each person within the discussion. We are all at different points in our walks with the Lord. We do not disagree because one of us is any less intelligent or a less-mature believer than the other, but because God has not chosen to reveal that to us yet. Further, instead of despising the other people in the discussion or considering them “opponents” in a debate, pray for them and pray for yourself that the truth will be revealed to each one as they read God’s Word concerning the matter.

We reserve the right to remove any comments that do not comply with these regulations.