Conduct, Community, and Our Mission (Phil. 1:27): Sermon by Kaynenn Parker

Another excellent, convicting sermon from the recent Youth Group Retreat at Letourneau Christian Center. Here he springs off from his Sermon on Acts 4 and explains the need for community in order to make an impact for Christ. Do we want our Youth Group to thrive and bear fruit and lead many to Christ? Then we need to make sure our conduct is in line with our calling, we need to be a tight unit praying for each other, and we need to know the gospel inside and out and preach it!

Speaker: Kaynenn Parker

Kaynenn Parker is Associate Pastor of Student Ministries and pulpit supply at Webster Bible Church in Webster, NY. He has served there since 2011. He blogs at

His other sermon from the retreat:

Acts 4 and Evangelism by Kaynenn Parker

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