How should Christians respond to the sexual revolution

How Should a Christian React to the New Sexual Revolution?

It seems to me as though America is degrading so rapidly that Christians don’t have time to stop and think before they respond. Pandora’s Boxes are being opened and dumped out left and right in the society around us (and even in the church). It seems harder and harder for Christians to shine as lights in this dark generation. It’s as though we panic as our voices are silenced and our culture listens less and less.

How not to react to the sexual revolution

Before getting into some practical tips on how to correctly react to the sexual revolution, let me mention some ways Christians have reacted poorly to the matter. For example, there are those who protest that America is a “Christian nation” and therefore the Bible must inform our laws. In the eyes of unbelievers we are cry-babies pouting that we are no longer in the majority. We put up the stumbling block of “politics”, making it seem that one supports gay marriage because of their political affiliations rather than because they reject Jesus. We make our identity Republicans instead of Christians, and instead of hell being the consequence of gay marriage, it is being in the wrong party.

Then there are those boycotting Target because of their transgender fiasco. Granted, if one’s motive for boycotting them is the safety of children (i.e. seeing a member of the opposite gender naked, or a pedophile going where they shouldn’t) then that is reasonable. However, if we are against this simply because it is pro-LGBT, the new “liberal” advancement, or not in line with Christian ideals, then I fail to see the logic or love in taking that stance.

The biblical reaction to the sexual revolution

But really the solution is much simpler. The church doesn’t need to do anything different than what we have been doing from the start! The formula is the same when our country is upright as it is during her decline. What Christians must do in these desperate times is establish Bible preaching churches, pray, evangelize, practice church discipline, etc. Instead of boycotting every business except In-n-Out, Chick-fil-A, and Forever 21, grab a copy of Mark Dever’s Nine Marks of a Healthy Church, and realign your church accordingly!

This has always been the church’s way of impacting society. Perhaps we have grown complacent with the power and rights we are given in America to make change. We have depended on other means and have forgotten our true call. Now is the time to get back to our marching orders!

While we are becoming strong, biblical churches, and while God’s Word is being faithfully exposited from our pulpits, here are some practical, hands-on tips for dealing with the sexual revolution:

  • Speak out against heterosexual sin also. Sadly the church sometimes gives the impression that homosexuality is the only (or at least worst) sin in the Bible.
  • Take as firm of a stance against second marriages as you do gay marriages. A pastor should be equally unwilling to marry a couple where one or both partners have been divorced. We belittle marriage just as badly when we do so. Too often we focus on the, “Marriage is between one man and one woman…” while neglecting the ending: “for life.” (Not to mention the number “one”.)
  • Never call a homosexual or unmarried person’s partner their “husband,” “wife,” or “spouse”. Not that we run up to every gay couple and say, “Take off that wedding band, you fakers!” But simply put, we cannot encourage their falsehood. By calling their partner their spouse, that sends them the message that their “marriage” is legitimate.
  • Do not help a non-married couple move in together. For how great a ministry opportunity helping someone move is, we must refrain if the couple is cohabitating before marriage. That would be aiding and encouraging them in their sin. Similarly, let us sit out on house warming parties for non-married couples, as well as not give apartment hunting advice to them.
  • Label a transgender person by the gender they were born. Whatever gender one is born, absolutely nothing is ever going to change that. Even surgeons will admit that a sex change is merely cosmetic. By calling a transgender individual the gender they feel they are we are only playing along with their illusion. By doing so we are helping them lie to themselves.

Remember that it is more loving to tell the truth, and to do so lovingly.

-Steve Rohn

One thought on “How Should a Christian React to the New Sexual Revolution?

  1. Great job Steve. Two comments on this: I think it would be okay to boycott or take other deliberate acts of protest against someone we disagree. I’m not at all saying that a Christian has to boycott Target to be “holy” or not be sinning. That would be foolish, and we would never be able to shop anywhere if we opened that can of worms. But on the other hand, I don’t have to shop at Target, there’s plenty of other stores that can substitute.
    Also, I wonder what you think about the strategy of always addressing a transgender person by their first name. That seems like a doable “compromise” if you want to call it that. I’m just wondering if we want to exasperate every transgender person we come in contact with…

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