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we need to reframe the debate to absolute truth and morals

Reframing the Debate

With surprising simplicity, the Christian position in favor of the natural family, binary gender roles, and traditional marriage can be reduced to scorn with the labels “hateful, intolerant, homophobic.” The Christian response to these charges has largely been to go on the defensive, endlessly apologizing for any supposed grievances or slip ups in tone or speech. Christians have become paralyzed by self-consciousness and (if we are honest) a silent shame for holding to doctrines which seem so offensive to a watching world. Continue reading Reframing the Debate

You don't need to be smarter than Bill Nye the Science Guy to Defend the Faith

Defend the Faith! Even if Bill Nye the Science Guy is Smarter than You


How do I defend Christianity from the never ending stream of attacks?  How do I argue for the “faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3)?  What can I use to defend against accusations made against Christ?

Do I have to be a scholar or brainiac to defend the truth?  Do I have to memorize complex philosophical arguments?  Do I have to be a whiz in history?  Do I need to know more about creation than Bill Nye the Science Guy? Continue reading Defend the Faith! Even if Bill Nye the Science Guy is Smarter than You

Conviction or Narrow-mindedness?

A conviction is not something you hold, but something that holds you. It is something outside of which one cannot operate safely or consistently. In the present time, however, conviction is not seen so much as a virtue but a vice. “Arrogant,” and “Narrow-minded,” are some of the labels given to people moved by such convictions. But nothing could be further from the truth.

It is true people of conviction speak with boldness, directness, candor and clarity. However, this bravery must not be confused with arrogance. It is not pretentiousness that moves these people but an absolute certainty that what they believe is true and that what is popularly believed is a lie. Continue reading Conviction or Narrow-mindedness?