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When we're depressed we need to remember the blessings of salvation

Defeating Depression with 42 Blessings of Salvation

You feeling depressed? Saddened by the various disappointments and trials of life? One of the chief ways to fight against the darkness that tries to choke our joy is by remembering the many blessing that God has given believers in salvation. Gratitude drives out darkness. It is hard to be depressed and thankful at the same time. So I have created a list of 42 blessings that we have received in salvation. These are not all the blessings, but they are a start. They succeeded in making me smile, and I hope they bring some joy to your heart as well. Each one includes a reference for you to look up in your Bibles. For your convenience, they are in consecutive order. Continue reading Defeating Depression with 42 Blessings of Salvation