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God inspired His Word and guided the prophets what to write

ALL of the Bible is Inspired

“All Scripture is inspired by God” (2 Tim. 3:16). This verse is the key passage for the doctrine called plenary verbal inspiration. Various incorrect theories will arise if we try to read our ideas of “inspiration” into this passage. We think of a touching story, or a thought planted in our head, or something like that. The word for “inspired by God” in this text is a compound word literally meaning “God-breathed”. It signifies that Scriptures come out from God.

So what exactly did God breathe out while the prophets and apostles were writing? The text says that it is Scripture. I point out the obvious here because many say that God inspired the writer alone, and that person wrote down whatever they felt. However, the writers of Scripture are not even hinted at in this passage. Rather it is the Scriptures– the writings themselves- that are God-breathed. Continue reading ALL of the Bible is Inspired