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The Shack: A Sub-Christian Explanation for Evil

The Shack, written by William P. Young and adapted to film in 2017 by Lionsgate media, tells the story of a man named Mackenzie who loses his daughter to a brutal murderer. In his grief, he is later summoned to the shack in which his daughter died by the Holy Trinity manifesting themselves as a black woman, a mid-eastern man, and an Asian woman. The film attempts to provide a Christian understanding of how human suffering and evil can exist when an all-powerful beneficent God exists. However, it ultimately fails to provide either a Biblical or comprehensive solution to the problem it addresses.

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Christians need to get to the heart of the issue when debating about morals

Reframing the Debate, part 2

We have seen in the last post that the moral revolution does not have adequate footing on which to stand when it levels its moral charges. We have striven to reframe the debate so that it is no longer stacked against us. Yet embedded in the moral revolution is another contradiction which can be asked as a question: Who, or what, makes a person’s sexuality the way it is? Is it a result of human biology or is it a thing of one’s own determination? Continue reading Reframing the Debate, part 2

we need to reframe the debate to absolute truth and morals

Reframing the Debate

With surprising simplicity, the Christian position in favor of the natural family, binary gender roles, and traditional marriage can be reduced to scorn with the labels “hateful, intolerant, homophobic.” The Christian response to these charges has largely been to go on the defensive, endlessly apologizing for any supposed grievances or slip ups in tone or speech. Christians have become paralyzed by self-consciousness and (if we are honest) a silent shame for holding to doctrines which seem so offensive to a watching world. Continue reading Reframing the Debate

How should Christians respond to the sexual revolution

How Should a Christian React to the New Sexual Revolution?

It seems to me as though America is degrading so rapidly that Christians don’t have time to stop and think before they respond. Pandora’s Boxes are being opened and dumped out left and right in the society around us (and even in the church). It seems harder and harder for Christians to shine as lights in this dark generation. It’s as though we panic as our voices are silenced and our culture listens less and less. Continue reading How Should a Christian React to the New Sexual Revolution?

Men and Rape in the Bible

Men, Rape, and the Bible, part 2

In my first post on Rape in the Bible, I showed that secularism has nothing really meaningful or consistent to say about rape, and that it in fact pervades many lies that encourage this behavior. Christianity on the other hand provides us with the moral ground to denounce rape and all related sexually immoral behaviors.

Nevertheless, in our increasingly Biblically illiterate society, it is a tendency for people to make claims about the Bible that they cannot defend. Many of their statements have an appearance of soundness at the beginning but, under scrutiny, cannot hold up under their own weight. One egregious example is that the Bible condones rape. Continue reading Men, Rape, and the Bible, part 2

The Bible does not Promote Rape

Men, Rape, and the Bible

Rape is an emotional topic. Much has been done in recent years to raise our awareness of the problems of sexual harassment in the workplace and rape on many prominent college campuses. In the midst of all these actions, some have charged that the Bible and by extension, Christianity, with its emphasis on gender and role distinctions have contributed to this violence.

On its face, the claim has some appeal. The fear of a male dominated society where women are treated as mere chattel is one that looms large in our collective imagination. The Bible then, a product of such a male dominated culture, must be reprehensibly backwards in its outlook, and Christianity which derives its very identity from the Bible, must too be backwards and a contributor to the gender bias and larger abuse in our society.

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