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People deny biblical model of christian living for secular lifestyles

Secular Christianity vs. Biblical Christianity

There are two types of Christians in this country: Secular and Biblical.

Secular Christians enter into “Church mode” on Sundays. They don’t swear. They don’t talk dirty. They don’t fight. They smile and get along! “I’m at Church,” is the explanation. They give their serious attention to the service but the after-service “fellowship” is the real fun. Church is a social club. It makes me feel good and I get to volunteer. If I don’t like this one, I’ll find another Church.

Biblical Christians savor Church because it revitalizes them for another week of Christian living. They often think of how this gathering will propel them to live in “the World.” While they genuinely enjoy the comradery with friends, Biblical Christians try to remember that Church is about God and not them. Faithfulness and commitment to the people of the Church, no matter how flawed, is the most important thing. Continue reading Secular Christianity vs. Biblical Christianity